M5Stack Atom DTU LoRaWAN Kit (ASR6501)

M5Stack Atom DTU LoRaWAN Kit (ASR6501) comprises a programmable Data Transmission Unit (DTU) suitable for 915MHz frequency. The module adopts the ASR6501 scheme that supports long-distance communication, ultra-low power consumption, and high sensitivity. The kit includes the Atom DTU LoRaWAN915 module, SMA antenna, SMA red cap, M2 hexagon wrench, M2x16 screws, and 3.96-4P terminal. The ATOM DTU series adopts a more open architecture design and superior anti-interference ability to work normally in complex interference environments. Typical applications include automatic remote meter reading, intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot, remote irrigation, and environmental monitoring.

Kit Contents

  • 1x ATOM DTU LoRaWAN915
  • 1x SMA antenna
  • 1x SMA red cap
  • 1x M2 hexagon wrench
  • 1x M2x16 screw
  • 1x 3.96-4P terminal


  • ASR6501 LoRa platform
  • Supports US915:
    • 915MHz operating frequency
  • Serial communication:
    • UART 115200bps (AT command)
  • Modbus Master/slave
  • With super anti-interference ability, able to work normally in complex interference environments
  • RS485 communication interface:
    • 12V input interface, internal integrated DC-DC step-down 5V
  • Strong signal access capability
  • External antenna:
    • SMA antenna interface
  • Grove expansion interfaces:
    • I²C x1
    • Custom x1
  • Self-contained rail clamping


  • Automatic remote meter reading
  • Intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot
  • Remote irrigation
  • Environmental monitoring
发布日期: 2021-09-14 | 更新日期: 2022-03-11